Need Help Drafting a Contract in the Modesto, CA Area?

A poorly worded contract can spell disaster. A contract law attorney can help you create a legally binding contract that serves both parties. Some common types of legal contracts include real estate purchase agreements, service contracts and property leases. Our attorneys are skilled not only in drafting, but in negotiating the terms of the contract on your behalf.

Need Help Understanding Your Rights Under a Contract in the Modesto, CA Area?

Signing a contract can be overwhelming, especially when it involves an expensive purchase or a complicated set of regulations as are found in real estate and other areas of the law. The attorneys at Mussman & Mussman of Modesto, California can help by looking over your contract before you sign to explain the document to you in layman's terms.

Need Help with a Contract Dispute in the Modesto, CA Area?

Need Help with a Contract Dispute in the Modesto, CA Area?

Are you dealing with a contract dispute? The law firm of Mussman & Mussman, LLP can work with you to help resolve the conflict.
When a contract problem arises, you need help understanding your rights and obligations. Our attorneys are skilled in negotiating when disputes arise to protect your rights. If negotiations fail, our attorneys are experienced litigators, and can take your dispute to a court to decide. They are also experienced in mediation and arbitration of disputes, and can represent you if these alternatives to litigation are required by your contract or make sense in your situation.
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